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How FM Managers can deliver uninterrupted power

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Budgeting for electricity, securing an adequate power supply and creating new and innovative ways to use less power are all common challenges for Facility Managers. However, ensuring power is clean and dependable can sometimes be overlooked.

Power sags, surges and total outages are an unavoidable inconvenience that can cause significant damage to IT and other electrical equipment, as well as potentially putting your workforce out of action. For that reason, planning and deploying a robust power protection solution is essential for ensuring business continuity.

The most essential part of a well-designed power protection architecture is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

What is a UPS?

A UPS system has two primary functions:

  • Regulating incoming power to smooth out sags, spikes and surges which can damage electrical equipment.
  • Provide continuous power for any power outages by automatically drawing power from a backup power supply when the main supply becomes unavailable.

Why you need a UPS?

No company can afford to leave its IT infrastructure unprotected. Even short power outages of just a few seconds can render IT equipment unavailable for several hours, which can have huge implications on productivity and profitability.

Likewise, unclean power from the mains can also cause significant damage to sensitive IT and electrical infrastructure.

What about maintenance?

Like most facilities infrastructure, a UPS system is only as good as its maintenance regime. A well-maintained UPS will perform at its best for longer, and regular maintenance can detect potential faults and failures before they turn into serious issues. 

Paul Anton is a leading supplier of UPS systems with a team of technical engineers offering fully integrated installation and maintenance service. To protect your organisation from power outages, please contact us to discuss your power needs and to arrange a bespoke on-site survey. 

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