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Generators convert mechanical energy (powered by diesel fuel or gas) into electrical energy and provide high levels of power for an extended period of time (or even continually) in comparison to a standby power system (such as a UPS) powered by batteries.

Generating sets can be used in places where there is no connection to the utility grid, or as emergency power systems in case the utility supply fails. They can also be used to export power back to the utility grid during peak periods of customer demand.

When using a generator as an emergency power system, it can be used independently. However, this will result in an interruption to the electrical supply to the load. Commonly, a generator is used with a UPS, configured so that the UPS provides uninterrupted power to the load until the generator has started up and is fully synchronised, at which time the generator will transfer seamlessly to takeover supporting the load until the utility mains is restored.

Paul Anton can size the correct generator for your application, supply, install, commission and maintain the set over its lifetime, whether as a stand-alone electrical supply or alongside a UPS unit for a complete emergency power solution. 

Single phase generators

Single phase generators are generally used in smaller organisations where the power demand is low (say up to 30kVA) and is powered by one Line-Neutral feed.

Three phase generators

Three phase generators are generally used in larger organisations where the power demand is high (say up to 2500kVA) and is powered by three Line-Neutral or Line-Line feeds.

Generator add-ons

In addition to supplying generators, Paul Anton can help you select a range of optional extras, such as enclosures to mitigate noise emissions, weather-proof canopies, fuel tanks and pipework, automatic transfer switches, exhaust systems and remote monitoring.

Contact our team today to discuss your power supply requirements. We’re happy to advise on the best solution for your site and energy needs. 

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