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Recycling UPS Systems: The Way Foward

Recycling ups systems the way forward (2)
When the time comes to replace a UPS unit, proper disposal is paramount. Paul Anton Limited have the expertise to dismantle UPS systems safely and recover valuable materials.

Battery Recycling:

The batteries within UPS systems, often lead-acid or lithium-ion, require specialised recycling processes due to their hazardous nature. Battery recycling programmes extract reusable materials like lead, plastics, and metals while ensuring safe disposal of toxic elements.

Manufacturer Take-Back Programmes:

We work with UPS manufacturers who offer take-back programmes that facilitate the recycling of their products.

These programmes often ensure responsible handling of both UPS unit and it’s components.

We are proud to hold a UK waste carrier licence, ensuring that your UPS systems will be disposed of in compliance with all necessary regulations. Our team of experienced professionals will handle the entire process for you, from collection to safe disposal, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and environmental care.

We prioritise recycling and repurposing whenever possible, minimising the impact on our environment. Rest assured that your UPS systems will be handled with the utmost responsibility and efficiency, reducing your company's carbon footprint.

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